Owen’s Ride

Owen spends much of his day in a wheelchair but has already accomplished more then you or I can ever dream of.  Just this past summer, Owen rode his hand cycle from Calais, ME to Key West, FL.  I was there as he reached his destination!  Did I mention that Owen is still in highschool?  You can read and see all about it here (https://adaptivesportsawareness.org/).
My agency, Social Mavens, had the pleasure of working with Owen and his non-profit.  As we were executing the social media strategy or even before that, building his website, we got to know Owen and his family.  Some of us knew Owen’s family prior while others got to know Owen, along the way.  Regardless of when you meet Owen, you can’t help but be impressed.
He was born with Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia, a disease attributing to many disabling characteristics, including progressive stiffness and contraction in the lower limbs, making a wheelchair necessary for his mobility.  Owen is extremely passionate about athletics and the independences he experiences participating in adaptive sports such as snow skiing, cycling, tennis, water skiing, basketball, archery and baseball.  If that is not enough, Owen volunteers to coach many of the sports he enjoys, frequently serves as a public speaker to promote disabled sports activities, and has earned 35 badges as an Eagle Scout.
There were so many generous people that I had the pleasure of working with, along Owen’s project, but WCVB Channel 5 Boston was towards the very top of that list.  Watch this story they produced on behalf of Owen.  Click here to watch.
We should all be all be such an example, in our daily lives.