You had a great idea. You’ve put in the work and you’ve grown that idea into a brand. Now all that’s left to do is find a way to get the word out about your new venture. Creating the perfect tagline for your brand can be difficult, but there is no denying that the incredible influence it can have is more than worth the effort.

Trust is the Name of the Game- If trust was something that could be bought, every company would sign a blank check and hand it to the nearest person selling. But it can’t be purchased, it has to be earned. Gaining the trust of customers is far and away the most important part of the initial and continued growth of any brand. Crafting the right tagline to speak to your intended audience on your behalf is the first step you can take to earn that trust. Before a customer has the chance to see what you have to offer, they will have already learned what your brand is, what it stands for, and why taking their trust and investing it in your brand is the best decision they could possibly make.

Separate From the Pack- Standing out amongst the endless line of competitors vying for the attention and business of your intended customers can be one of the most difficult aspects of creating and sustaining a brand. Of course, you are more than aware of all the details that make your brand leaps and bounds ahead of the competition, but your customers may not be when they are rushing through the store looking for a quick solution to their needs. While there are many ways to differentiate from these other brands, the quickest and most reliable method to breaking away from everyone else is having a tagline that makes a point of grabbing and keeping the attention of anyone who may come across it. You can obviously expect your competition to have their own tagline but that doesn’t mean yours can’t steal away any eyes looking at them. In fact, studying up on these other taglines can be an incredibly valuable tool in pinpointing what theirs is trying to accomplish, and how yours can pivot and counter their branding to stand out and stand above them all.

Say Hi, Not Buy- The only thing more important than creating a tagline, is making sure you’ve crafted the right tagline for your brand. This may seem like an obvious distinction to make, but there’s a very fine line between a tagline that will reach out to as many potential customers as possible and a tagline that might run the risk of pushing them away. A good tagline puts your brand’s best foot forward and allows the customer to get a glimpse of just how much better off they will be in your hands. One of the most common and, ultimately, fatal flaws a brand can make is using a tagline as a way to try and sell directly to its intended customers. By making this mistake, you run the risk of leaving your audience with an unintentional sense of desperation and, in many cases, a forcefulness that will all but guarantee they take their business elsewhere. Your tagline shouldn’t leave anyone feeling like they are being sold anything, but, instead, it should give every customer just enough to introduce them to who you are as a brand and leave them wanting to get to know even more about you.

So, You’ve Heard of Us- It’s very common for a brand to reconsider its preexisting tagline and try to replace it with something new in the name of feeling fresh and current. while this approach has proven to be successful in some cases, there is truly nothing more than creating one that has the strength to stand the test of time. While there is no one set path to creating a memorable and iconic tagline there are approaches that will make this task far likelier to yield successful results. The more time you take to really focus on exactly what your brand is and what it can do for your customers the more likely it is that you are on your way to creating a tagline that will resonate and connect with potential customers not only today but for years and years to come.

If the next step for your brand is a tagline exploration, our Social Mavens team has the creative and strategic expertise you’ll need to bring it to life. Reach out to me directly to get started.