The right business pitch is almost always the deciding factor between a possible investor hearing a good idea and a possible investor hearing their next great opportunity.

Check out these three tips to help you pull off the perfect pitch without a hitch:

1. What Seems to be the Problem Here – Every great business once grew from a seed of necessity. The steel industry began with the need of stronger building materials. The automotive industry began from the need for faster transportation. Singling out and identifying what necessity your company has grown from is the first, and most important, step in crafting a perfect pitch. Even if you didn’t consciously conceive your idea as a solution to an existing issue, you will be surprised at how quickly you can trace back your concept to a problem you felt could have been avoided. Kicking off your pitch with a strong “why?” is a pretty-much guaranteed way of grabbing your audiences’ attention. By highlighting the problem, you are not only setting up stakes that will keep possible investors engaged but, ultimately, setting your company up to be the hero of your pitch, coming to save the day, and rid the world of this problem once and for all!

2. Anything You Can do… – When crafting your pitch, it’s important to not only keep in mind who you are pitching to but also, who you are pitching against. While you are already well aware that your company is leaps and bounds ahead of the competition, your potential investors are in the dark and are waiting for you to let them in on this valuable secret. Taking the time and researching your competitors’ products and approaches will be the most incredible tool you will carry into your pitch meeting with you. Knowing the ins and outs of their company will afford you the chance to counter any arguments or advantages they may have over you and your brand before they even have the chance to pitch against you. As much as you are pitching to showcase everything your company is, you are just as much pitching everything these other companies are not. Finding and building around what makes your brand so unique and worthy of outside investment, will be the foundation of your next great and, more importantly, successful pitch meeting.

3. It’s Never Work If You Love What You Do! – Often times when someone is preparing their pitch, they are so focused on the facts and figures that they forget what got them this far in the first place: Their passion. After all the hard work put into getting in front of potential investors, it’s an understandable oversight to make. While the details are crucial to perfecting a pitch, it is your passion for your idea that will seal the deal. Incorporating what it is that you love about your potential company is the quickest way to show your audience why you’ve stuck with it, despite all the inevitable bumps in the road along the way, and why this is only just the beginning of an even greater story. More than even that, it shows why now is the perfect time to invest their time and money in not only your company but, the person behind it… You!