Our agency specializes in a wide-range of digital marketing and technology solutions, including comprehensive promotional strategies and social media for businesses, as well as an additional concentration, which offers customized social media training for each facet of a college athletic department.

For business clients, we create a powerful presence on the internet by employing valuable tools, platforms, and techniques based on extensive experience and predictive analytics. Our services provide on-brand communications across appropriate social media outlets, full-website development and design, e-commerce solutions, electronic newsletters, blog creation and upkeep, and print collateral. The Social Mavens team uses innovative, proven messaging techniques to optimize on every avenue.

Another aspect of our agency extends its focus to the profound effect social media has on colleges through their student athletes, and the opportunity to take control of social media’s forced spotlight. In addition to the student athlete, Social Mavens offers expertise in developing department-wide guidelines, advising and training the coaching staff with the knowledge they need for reinforcement, damage control, and social media monitoring.

Through our technology, we can monitor all of the social media discussions about your brand and weed through them, in realtime. Our goal is to stay a step ahead of your brand’s discussions so we can help you shape them rather then react to the aftershocks. We are able to monitor chatter on the web and predict which groups are likely to join the chatter. We can forecast the impact that these people can have on your school or business.