Skimping Can Cost You Recruits

Ignoring the ever-changing social media landscape and overlooking parents can cost a coach potential recruits.

New Rules Mean a New Strategy

On August 1, 2016, the NCAA loosened its social media recruiting rules, a move best summed up by “click, don’t type.”

Educate Yourself

In order to make the most of the NCAA’s guidelines, you need to bone up on and keep up with social media. Right now, studies show high school athletes eat up Instagram, Snapchat and a bit of Twitter. Several years before, Facebook sat on the throne. A few years from now, who knows? Whenever something new comes out, figure it out.

Don’t Forget the Family

In the era of direct connection with your recruits, it may feel like you can bypass the old guardians of the communication gate—i.e. parents. However, that not only runs you the risk of ticking them off, it also means you’re missing an opportunity. Everyone and their coaching staff will be liking and tagging and retweeting the recruits, but what about the people who are still closest to the future all stars? Getting on parental good sides by throwing social media love their way as well—they like Facebook and Instagram—is an unexpected play that can reap major benefits.

Give yourself that ever so important edge.  Create a social media “recruiting calendar” and stick to it.  It will pay dividends.