B2B Video Content

Our corporate B2B clients include insurance companies, law firms, IT professionals, and more. Marketing these clients presents unique challenges, because they often have multiple audiences who need information presented in a certain way: both in-depth, complex information for industry insiders and high-level information for a more general audience.

One service we have found to be a great fit for these clients is video. Video is a great tool for presenting complex information in a way that’s more engaging than a typical whitepaper. It can also speak to multiple audiences by presenting high-level information and then inviting viewers to learn more by directing them to a website or other content. Not to mention that video is favored in the algorithms of many of the leading social media platforms!

It’s also a fantastic way to celebrate the expertise of professionals who have dedicated themselves to their industry. When one of our clients expressed interest in creating a podcast to showcase their intellectual capital, we got to work figuring out how to make it happen! We determined the best platform to use for recording remotely by thoroughly researching and testing different options. We also made sure we had professional-grade cameras with built-in mics sent out to the remote guests (with prepaid return packaging to make it as easy as possible for all involved).

The final product was a clean, professional video of a 20-minute three-way conversation, conducted remotely. We were also able to pull shorter snippets from the full video to repurpose as content for their socials, giving the client more bang for their buck.

If you’d like to explore all that video content can do for your business, contact us today!