Colleges & Prep Schools


There is tremendous pressure that society puts on our students and often times this goes unnoticed. We help prevent students from making that dreadful, bad choice of an inappropriate post on social media. In addition to social media education, we have multiple ways to work with students as well as their schools.

We offer specific expertise in developing department-wide guidelines, advising and training the staff with the knowledge they need for recruiting, reinforcement, damage control, and social media monitoring. We also create complete social media campaigns that drive enrollment, alumni support, and development.


Prep Schools

The lessons your students learn today will undoubtedly give them the confidence they’ll need to one day contribute to our global economy, the wellbeing of our societal future, and the betterment of humanity as a whole.

But for now, your students are just kids. Kids who are struggling to balance the insurmountable pressures of youth with the growing expectations of adulthood. It is no longer enough to simply teach them how to survive as pupils in the classroom. We must prepare them to thrive as people in the world. A real world and a virtual one. 

We offer a custom Student Thrival Guide. Our method involves inspiring students, who are dealing with common academic and personal stressors, to take responsibility for their choices and ownership of their future without isolation or judgment. Through our experience working with higher education clients in this space, we strongly believe that the best way to reach these students is through mutual respect, solutions-based education, and a strong network of support. 

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