Brand Identity

Oftentimes businesses forget that they aren’t just selling a product or a service, they are selling a story and a journey.

Whether you’re advertising a resort destination or a bar of soap, your job is to inspire action. Then, inspire it over and over again until business is booming with loyal clients and/or customers. And while a well-done logo can get people’s attention, it’s not enough to keep them coming back for more.

This is where Branding comes in.

Branding is not just about getting noticed, it’s about creating a positive customer perception that will create brand loyalty. A well-developed brand creates a consistent experience for your customers and gives them a reason to buy from you and stay loyal to you. It’s how you connect with your desired audience in an authentic, approachable, relatable and powerful way. Effective branding sets you apart and gives you an edge in an otherwise crowded space.

Branding includes both visual and non-visual elements. You may think of a brand as the visual elements; logo, name, color palette, topography. However, we believe that the non-visual elements are just as important. Your brand values, brand identity, brand personality, brand voice, brand messaging and brand strategy are all crucial pieces that should not be overlooked.

This is why at Social Mavens, we stay acutely focused when it comes to branding. We roll up our sleeves and dig right into finding ways to accurately reflect your brand’s mission and goals. Through a cohesive and consistent lens, we don’t just show you how to tell your story, we help you create it.


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