Every sized business benefits from marketing on social media platforms. According to, data from Meta shows that 83% of Instragram users discover new brands while using the platform. Just the sheer number of social media users (over 4 billion people worldwide) make it a quick tool to reach many. Beyond the numbers though, why is social media such an important part of your marketing mix?

Brand Recognition
When people consistently see your company name and logo, you increase your brand awareness. Whether an individual is interested in your organization now or in the future, seeing your brand repeatedly on social media will increase their association with your service or product.

Fosters a Community
Social media features such as “likes” and comments allow for interaction between you, clients, and potential clients. Simple comments of support – “you guys are the best!” – encourage a positive sense of community and can serve as a 5 star review. As the majority of your social media followers are interested in what your business provides, there is a common ground for everyone following your posts.

Increases Trust
Regularly seeing your brand on social media increases familiarity and comfort with your business. Do you feel like you know the anchor on the evening news from seeing them in your living room every night? Social media works similarly for your business. Photos and stories of employees and workspaces also add to consumer trust.

Builds Customer Satisfaction
Seeing your business on social media lets your clients know you are invested in growing your brand. Customers feel good seeing a business they use, and if they are not driving by your storefront, social media is a great way for clients to “stop by.”

Visibility with Competitors
If a potential client is deciding between your business and a competitor, social media is a quick and easy place for comparison. Social media allows you to set your company apart and create a unique brand. Both photos and captions can persuade an individual to choose your business over a competitor.