Adaptive Sports

We work with many non-profits, including organizations who help people with disabilities. Knowing our agency’s particular focus on adaptive sports, one of the country’s largest rehabilitation hospitals came calling.

The hospital has a vibrant calendar of sporting events that participants can sign up for. Each event has complexities ranging from a participant’s medical conditions, transportation, equipment modifications to a host of individual personal circumstances. In addition, each event needs both staff and trained, certified volunteers who need to sign up for each activity. The activities stretch across multiple cities and states with a variety of dates and times.

This is when we hit our stride. First, we conducted days and weeks of research. Interviewed all groups involved. Keeping in mind some people’s disabilities may make it difficult for them to manage a sophisticated website experience. From there, our team developed a robust database that serves as the hub to all of this activity. Once developed, our designers added artwork and logos that can easily be identified to all users, including those with a visual impairment.

Our database / website continues to serve as a central focal point for registering and matching skills / qualifications of many hundreds of wonderful people, all enjoying sports.