Crisis Planning and Prevention

We provide crisis planning, services to assist our clients in avoiding and mitigating a wide array of crisis situations. We approach the engagement ensuring that you are prepared, ready for any incident and completely armed for a swift recovery, regardless of location. Incidents will occur and emergencies will arise. But the extent to which you successfully prepare for, responds to, and recovers correlated directly to your ability to protect your reputation and bottom line.


Corporate crises come in a variety of forms, ranging from social media glitches, employee behavior to mass casualty situations. Regardless of the circumstances, every crisis has the potential to negatively impact a company or school’s short and long-term reputation, daily operations, and financial performance. Resolutions require a prepared crisis plan with an intelligent, informed and immediate response. Proactive communication can minimize the impacts associated with a crises. Instituting operational procedures and protocols, is the single most significant way to outpace security threats and existing vulnerabilities.

Allow us to work with your organization or institution to ensure you are prepared an have a plan ready to implement. Monitoring of social media sentiment, geographical temperment and the briefing and training of key employees will be invaluable.


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