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Social Mavens is a full- service Boston based marketing agency focused on creating and sustaining an effective online presence for clients. As a marketing agency based in Boston, a diverse and influential city, our agency has adopted some of our hometown’s qualities, as we work on a range of projects from ski resort marketing, restaurant marketing, motor sports marketing and more, to the full service maintenance of college student athletes’ social media.

Our agency has widespread experience delivering successful campaigns using full website design, e-commerce solutions, electronic newsletters, blog posts, mobile applications and all social media management. At our full-service boutique agency, much of our work is digital, though our name also carries over to an expertise in original, superior print collateral. For our clients, we deliver brilliant photography, video, unique graphic design, and engaging copy to be used across all mediums. Interestingly, Social Mavens engages with various types of clients, as we implement powerful strategies for restaurant marketing, sports marketing, and ski resort marketing, while also working with churches and the inspirational individuals we meet through the adaptive sports community. In fact, some of our most significant personal influences are the clients we engage with through adaptive sports marketing.

Our team believes that the capabilities we have developed over the years establishing, repairing, and supporting countless social media accounts on all networking sites, has allowed us to solve the very important issues regarding student athletes’ social media trouble and college athletic departments’ social media consequences. After deep involvement providing positive, flourishing online charisma for clients, we have recently extended our amenities to offer student athlete social media management, monitoring, and education packages, in addition to college athletic department social media education and consultation. Our agency can help your student athletes, athletic department, and college coaches, to prevent any social media incidents, which have historically left reputations of colleges, universities, and student athletes permanently tarnished. Our greatest passion is for producing quality, believable creative for every account, and this integrity is applied to every aspect of our services. Please reach out to us to determine if we could be of help to you.